Little Chance of TPP Success Anytime Soon!
Thursday, October 8, 2015 at 11:21AM
Bill Barclay

No matter where you stand on the TPP that we appear to have adopted, if not endorsed, despite the best efforts of Prof. Jane Kelsey, and the MSM that has given her an almost clear run to oppose it every step of the way, the only real 'game in town' lies not here, but in US politics.

Here is the the story by Ruth Marcus in today's Washington Post that outlines a depressing scenario concerning Hillary Clinton's wavering on the issue. It makes interesting reading, and does not auger well for decisive leadership should she score the White House in due course. 

Of course the absolute opposition of Trump and Sanders at either end of the political spectrum leaves the negotiated settlement in a fairly precarious position regardless of her eventual decision. Ruth Marcus is pushing like hell for her to come out in favour and without delay, but that seems unlikely to happen based on past performance, and she appears to see this issue as the one major danger to her winning the nomination. In fact, the perception is that she would have preferred to have seen the negotiations in Atlanta collapse to avoid being in the position of having to make a decision. 

But make a decision she must, eventually - unfortunately for us, that is likely to be 'thumbs down' as she endeavours to persuade the left (a pejorative term by any standard in the US!) of American politics to stay the course with her. Bernie Sanders recent success has not made it any easier, and the FBI is closing in on the e-mail scandal.

Hillary is dammed if she does, and if she doesn't. At this stage, I would not be betting the house on us having a TPP in place anytime soon. 




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