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Maritime Facilities By-law (Shh... - Top Secret)

A presser came out today with the following Top Secret information. 

"Recreational boaties and commercial marine farmers will find our Maritime Facilities Bylaw consultation worth a look.

The proposed Maritime Facilities Bylaw does not change any fees, but it simplifies our rules around facilities like wharves, jetties, boat ramps, quays, piers, and pontoons.

Essentially, it's a streamlined version of the former Wharves and Coastal Structures Bylaw that everyone has been used to already, with the removal of elements that no longer apply.

If you're not familiar with that Bylaw, it dealt with rules about things like cleaning facilities, responsibility for damage to facilities, and powers granted to Maritime Facilities Managers.

The submission forms will be available through our online consultation portal from 9 October to 9 November 2015."

Well you get the message - check the portal tomorrow to see what it was that was so Top Secret that they had to go into Public Excluded at the Extraordinary Meeting on Wednesday to discuss it.

This Council is already a laughing stock, and loses credibility by the day! I wonder if top management has yet worked out how many people work for them! "Start the count again Joe, and please try to keep it under two hundred - othewise Leachy will go ballistic!"


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