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Hahei Meeting

The long awaited meeting between Hahei residents and Mayor Leach will ak place from 10am till 12 noon this Saturday. It will groundbreaking occasion as Council sets about endeavouring to overcome the underlying antagonism that has developed over the years amongst those who consider that their interests have been completely ignored while the walkway plans have been developed.

The reecent independent transport investigation totally vindicated the often expressed view of the residents that their transport and parking objections had been completely ignoired. The recommendation of the review was that work cease until professional research is undertaken over the Christmas period and future needs properly analysed, given the resources avaialable.

Here is the Notice of Meeting put out by Chairman Bill Stead



Public meeting with the Mayor
Saturday 28 November
10am to midday
Hahei Community Centre

Mayor, Glenn Leach, has confirmed he will to talk to the Hahei community about traffic management and the proposed Cathedral Coast Walk next Saturday. He will be accompanied by Mercury Bay Community Board Chair, Paul Kelly.

Gemma White from DOC and Peter Matai Johnston of Ngati Hei will also make presentations.

The Mayor and his team want to hear the Hahei community's views on traffic management in Hahei and the development of the proposed Cathedral Coast Walk.

The meeting will be chaired by Bill Stead, Chairman of Hahei Ratepayers Association/Stakeholders Group.

This is an important meeting, so do your best to come and have your say. There will be at least 60 minutes of Q&A.

Please note - we are expecting a large attendance, and depending on the weather, the meeting may be held outside the Community Hall. So please wear suitable clothing and consider bringing seat.

If you can't make it, send your comments and questions to the Hahei Ratepayers Chairman at We will make sure your comments are included in the discussions.

For most recent background information about traffic and the proposed Walk go to our website by clicking here, here and here.

Leach will have all his support crew present in an endeavour to soften the impact, but there are many questions that he will having difficulty handling - particularly those related to the lack of consultation to date, and the whole future of the project may well swing on the outcome of this meeting.

I intend to be present and to report on the otcome of the meeting. 






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