Fluoride Annihilation 
Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 10:15PM
Bill Barclay

Congratulations to the people of Thames for so emphatically rejecting the blandishments, and arguments based on pseudo-science of the Wellington based anti-fluoride campaign. The numbers speak for themselves, but we need to reflect of the scare tactics and false-hoods foisted on our community through their fluorescent signage, and full page gobbledegook.  For 2171, Against 795 - a sweet result!

This campaign was supported by a dedicated bunch of equally committed activists who have set out to muddy the (fluoridated!) waters over the last few years by applying constant and unrelenting pressure on our Council and Community Board that eventually led to an extremely weak decision.

This pressure led to our Mayor promoting a totally unnecessary and expensive referendum that represents nothing more than a monumental abrogation of responsibility. We elected these people, and pay them $35,000 a year each ($120,000 in the case of the Mayor!) to make these decisions in a responsible manner, particularly when central government fails us as it has in this instance. Even our local Member displayed a consummate lack of courage by refusing to take a stand – no surprise there!

Knowing the determination of the activists, I have no confidence that they will now give up – “our campaign is forever,” as one was heard to remark. Hopefully they will have learned from this experience , but don’t hold your breath!




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