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Following the brickbats, some plaudits:

Firstly, can I applaud April Chang, Rob Plummer and David Fornusek for running a magnificent campaign. They led the committee of active supporters of fluoride that was committed to winning and approached the task in a totally committed manner. Obviously they a had a modicum of help - financial and practical from the health authorities who realised that the opposition was well funded nationally and committed to winning Thames as a precursor to Auckland and other future referenda. 

The concentration on presenting the views of a range of highly respected Thames health professionals was an absolute vote-winner and contributed more more than any other factor to the success of the campaign. It was pointless attacking Jane or any of her cohort for the very obvious shortcomings of their arguments - just the simple recitation of professional support, and in particular, the letter from Child Commissioner Wills - a masterstroke.

The timing of their campaign was impeccable - I thought the opposition timing was stupid, just like the remainder of their campaign - they went too early and over-complicated their full page spreads - that was as annoying and patronising as their outrageous florescent signage that simply irritated everyone sitting on the fence. I thought they had lost the campaign the moment they went up.

My support is of course unashamedly partisan, and as I pointed out to the committee, useless in swinging key blocks of votes because my stand can be as equally annoying to some as that of the opponents, so they wisely stayed well clear of me. I would not give the opposition an inch - their tin-pot campaign was an insult to anyone with the slightest intelligence, so I have no hesitation in putting the boot in whenever the opportunity offers. Be rest assured - they will never give up, so vigilance is called for - the issue is by no means dead and buried - yet!

The ASA decision may have been useful had it been released earlier, but better late than never. It is a devastating decision that needs to be taken forward in order to put a thoroughly stout nail in the anti-coffin. They need to have every possible measure taken to prevent them from continuing to mislead the public, 

Finally, I wish to offer my congratulations to Angela Jane at the Council for the totally professional manner in which she conducted the Council side of the election. Angela maintained total neutrality throughout the entire process, no doubt sorely tried by pressure to favour one side or the other.

Well done Angela. 







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Reader Comments (3)

Now that fluoride is touted as the answer to tooth decay [forgotten what the question was now!] then it behoves TCDC to include fluoride in all the Peninsulas reticulated water supplies. The Council would be derelect in their duty if they don't, surely?

November 15, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterTooth Fairy

The eastern seaboard communities are constituted differently from Thames - for example:

1)There are less children here as a proportion of the population and their economic wellbeing is higher too, resulting in far less youth decay problems.

2) The larger proportion of retirees in the eastern seaboard communities (among the highest proportion anywhere in NZ) makes the notion even more pointless - and unlike the children, they have made a conscious decision to live here knowing there is no flouride.

So the moral of the story is - if you live in Thames and don't like flouride, then come and live over here!

November 17, 2015 | Unregistered Commenterwrong on that one mate

Seriously 'they made a concious decison to live on the Eastern seaboard because there is no fluoride in the water' - well that should tell the Thames people something--mind you fluoride has no proven effect on dental plates!!!!
Though I do dispute your comments there are less children --collectively there would be more young children than in Thames--didn't I read somewhere in the dentists supporting fluoride blurb how shocked one dentist was in having to extract badly decayed teeth in children from Whitianga??
Still beleive that the TCDC, in all fairness to ALL ratepayers, should innoculate ALL reticulated water supplies in their area of governance!!

November 18, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterTooth Fairy

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