WRC Deals With The 1080 Issue At Last
Thursday, December 17, 2015 at 10:33AM
Bill Barclay

It has taken Clyde Graf two terms to get the WRC to adopt a Statement of Intent on 1080 as reported in Scoop on 16 December - isn't it amazing how highly controversial issues get squeezed into that last fortnight before Christmas?

Clyde claimed his concerns were for human and ecological health reasons, but we all know that his principle concern devolves to his pig-shooter constituency. It is really is the welfare of the pigs that lies at the very heart of Clyde's concerns - just examine when you are able, and if you have the heart for it, the content of his famous video on the subject.

At least his motion to ensure public notification of every consent to apply 1080 was lost to one that simply requires the council's consenting arm to make the decision on whether to publicly notify. With existing consents running out next year, new consents are required shortly:

"The majority agreed with the integrated catchment management team lodging the application with the consenting arm of the council. The latter would then ensure an independent decision was made on whether to publicly notify of the application."

“The question of whether the application does end up being publicly notified is now ultimately a question for the overarching consent processing system to determine,” said Cr Southgate."

Well that is a relief - the publicly notified process could have been never ending with the anti-1080 forces mounting a massive and well organised campaign designed to frustrate any use of the bait. The processes that have been put in place should be sufficient to satisfy most rate-payers.  




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