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Camping By-law Amendments

These amendments went through at the 9 December meeting just in time for implementation prior to the summer rush.

In general, the new By-law has been working exactly as intended, and most residents will have been impressed with the improved behaviour of campers, and the regulatory supervision. I will just say one thing in this regard, and that is that that warnings provided to campers as they set up  shop around seven o'clock in the evening is far, far better than the issuing of warnings and offence notices in the early morning.

The latter simply causes aggravation and reaction that the rangers could do without. And so few of the fines get paid in any case due to the total lack of co-operation from the likes of Jucy and all the associated Alpe companies that Hammond indicated in his last Council Report he would "approach." I bet that brought them to their knees!

Warnings issued in the evening would result in much better supervision and likely co-operation, though I do realise that this would result in substantially greater overtime and interference with the lives of the rangers. But that should not be the determining factor, and schedules can be arranged to suit that should avoid unnecessary overtime commitments. It is only really a summer problem in any case, and rangers should realise that this is simply part of the job that have signed up for.

Of far greater importance as born out by the changes adopted on 9 December is the tendency for a creeping reduction in the number of sites where fully equipped and certified campers can set up shop. This results from squealing emanating from residents who feel that their expensive views have been sullied by bloody great wagons across their landscape. 

The five sites newly designated as "prohibited" in the schedule of amendments fall precisely into this category, and simply serve to encourage owners of certified vans to park up anywhere they please where there is no "prohibited" notice, thus sullying the views of other residents. 

The original schedule was well thought through, and consulted. Giving in to squeals and gripes from residents who now feel aggrieved is simply inviting more and more objections that will result in a negative outcome for the whole exercise.

The 55,000 members of the Motor Caravan Association have been playing ball with us while this process was put in place. Further fiddling with the schedule will simply invite retaliation. They have rights too, even if we have been slow to recognise them - they are not the enemy after all - (see Jucy etc!)




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