Indoor Sports Facility Design/Build Contract
Friday, December 18, 2015 at 11:09AM
Bill Barclay

It seems that the secret item on the last Council agenda related to this project was for the awarding of this contract to Stanley Construction Ltd. Only the relevant staff would know why this needed to be kept secret - like so much else that goes on around our Council these days.

Here is a piece about a significant project undertaken by Stanley from its website that should give confidence regarding their ability to bring jobs in on budget - the Knoll Ridge Cafe on Whakapapa Skifield.

The only problem is that a Company registered as Stanley Construction (Waikato) Ltd entered into a scheme of arrangement (Compromise) with its creditors on 10 March, with a final letter from Insolvency Specialists McDonanld Wague on 3 June 2015 outlining the arrangement that resulted in a "distribution to compromised creditors" of 13.03% ($200,000) of the $1,534,565 originally owing.

The two other Stanley Construction companies Stanley Construction, and Stanley Construction (Auckland) Ltd have identical directors and other details. I have requested confirmation as to exactly which company has been awarded the contract. I guess that one is entitled to harbour some concerns in regard to this situation as it effects the ability of Stanley Construction, of whatever ilk, to complete the task without financial problems as revealed above.  

Here is the presser released today on the project.  It appears that Stanley must present the final build cost to the February Council meeting. That will be the critical point to judge just how this project is progressing.

The remainder of the presser is a bunch of waffle from Strat Peters about the Skate Park and Porritt Park Grandstand programmed for 2016/17.


Update on Friday, December 18, 2015 at 4:40PM by Registered CommenterBill Barclay

I have been advised by Drew Mehrtens of TCDC's Communications that the company concerned is indeed Stanley Construction (Waikato) Ltd. Neither he nor other staff members appear to be aware of the recent history outlined in my post. Its 1,000 shares are held by the holding company - Stanley Group Ltd, Matamata. Here is the McDonald Vague letter and the list of "compromised creditors," some of which are local!




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