Opus & TCDC v. The Bees!
Tuesday, December 22, 2015 at 8:33AM
Bill Barclay

It gets curiouser and curiouser as we get closer to Christmas, and the Opus Grinch/TCDC goes to work

Here is a sign found hanging from a branch at the entry to a hive site half way up the Victoria St Extension. 


This is staggering piece of bureaucratic interference with the legitimate activity of a registered beekeeper who has used this site on Victoria St Extension year-round for at least ten years to my knowledge. The number of hives rises and falls with the season, but it is a perfect site at the mouth of a valley filled mainly with manuka that if it reaches standard must return at least $50,000 depending on the purity achieved. 

What is more remarkable is the wording of the notice. Opus are of course the managers appointed by TCDC to carry out this activity, but why they are unable to track down the beekeeper D1113 - presumably properly registered with the Department of Primary Industry, is beyond understanding - surely a phone call to DPI to obtain the name of the beekeeper would have been a preferable option over stapling a letter in an plastic envelope to a branch overhanging the road. 



And who on earth is the complainant? - the site is miles from any habitation - it is 5 metres from the road, but the route of the bees to the manuka is directly away from road - in ten years of walking past the hives, I have never seen a single bee near the road. So it hardly seems credible that a private citizen has complained. 

That leaves TCDC - and why would they be concerned - because it is a road reserve? If every bee-hive is to be removed from road reserves around the country, then I suggest that this would constitute a major hit on a burgeoning export industry. Surely they cannot be that small-minded, but stranger things have happened. 

Could someone tell Mr Jack Wass to get a life, and leave a long-standing and obviously lucrative business to get on with its life. Removing hives in this manner is an intolerable intereference with a legitimate business. 

Could this possibly be the old green-eyed monster at work? - I hope not, but it would be by no means the first time. I for one would be very sad to see this extremely valuable business destroyed in this manner.

And to allay any suspicion, I have no idea who is the owner of the D1113 registration.  




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