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That's It - Enough Already! 

A very happy Christmas and New Year to all readers of the blog.

It has been an interesting year with a number of glitches along the way.

On the whole, I think we have kept an eye on the machinations of our various councils (and unelected committees), drawn attention to the many anomalies, and provided an alternative view to some of the more outrageous and contradictory crowing of our out-bound Mayor.

Hopefully, election year will bring about some long overdue changes to the way in which our local Council is run - changes of personnel have already started and that is a good thing!

Fortunately, I have enjoyed good relations with most of the senior staff in the organisation, and have certainly appreciated the manner in which my enquires have been handled, even if some of the information provided has been of variable quality at times.

My thanks to all those who expressed concerns about my recent health problems. Fortunately, they appear to be all under control - so long as I keep taking the pills! (how often do you hear that these days?).  So thank-you to the pill-makers, and to the incomparable local and Hamilton WHB staff.

I will pull back and take a break over the next few weeks, but as usual will keep an eye on developments just in case anything of major proportions emerges.Keep an eye on the blogsite, and do return when everything picks up agian.

Enjoy the good weather, and may we all learn (and practice!) not to take ourselves too seriously!




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