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Fluoro - Fluoride - Fluoridate - Fluoridation!

Sick of it?

Not nearly as sick of it as you will be by the time the Thames crazies have finished with their campaign leading up to the Council mandated referendum later this year.

The crazies are already at it - calling a meeting on Tuesday, and importing US 'experts' to put the anti-fluoride message in front of the public as if there was some legitimate argument on which people needed to make up their mind. As anyone with two brains to rub together is already aware, there is no argument - simply crazies taking advantage of the system, and endeavouring to convince people that FLUORIDE IS GENOCIDE! - yes, that is the sum total of their crazy attempt to impose their will on this town in spite of all the court decisions, and warnings by health authorities of the consequences of removal.

And why is all this taking place? - because we have the weakest, most compromised Council and Community Board that this town has ever had to suffer. They were elected to do a job, have passed resolutions at every level to retain, and yet at the final hurdle on 17 December our Mayor and Council decided, in the face of mad slogans ("FLUORIDE IS GENOCIDE") and demands by a bunch of local and imported luvvies to resort to a referendum. The luvvies were initially shocked at this outcome, but then decided to treat Thames as potential 'game-changer,' and mount a total, well resourced  campaign aimed at getting those who would prefer to sit on the sideline to vote and swing the referendum. It may well be relatively the best resourced campaign they have yet mounted with saturation coverage as the referendum approaches.

I can generally excuse ignorance and blatant electioneering, but Leach's performance on this occasion beggared belief as he announced for the first time that he was against fluoridation while moving the referendum motion. Around the table he had pale plastic weak links led by the anti-fluoride campaigner supreme Diane Connors, a 'conviction' poli from Coromandel in the form of Tony Brljevich, and a bunch of waverers who were clearly intimidated by the infamous Libby Boyd, and her brood all neatly stage-managed by Dr Jane Beck - a retired  English medico who extols her qualificatiuons during submissions but who apparently cannot practice here. Meanwhile, she appears to have become a full-time advocate for the anti-fluoride lobby. 

The local group of anti-fluoride proponents have latched on to this opportunity, and are busy marshalling their substantial national resources that are available to take on the fluoride battle. As Jane Beck has said on more than one occasion - "It does not matter what the decision is is made - we will never accept defeat through the courts or ballot box - it is a life-long battle that we will never give up." And having lost 2:1 in Hamilton, and in New Plymouth on 'non-binding referenda Thames is now the battle-ground. Ours is by contrast is a "binding referendum" - so the stakes are much higher, and as a result, the effort will be enhanced accordingly.

The local group have called a public meeting on Tuesday to get the campaign under way - if you thought they lacked resources - think again - their so-called US experts will soon be here to back the campaign, all with wonderful resumes of course, but our previous experience with Jane's expert - Dr Connett, was less than impressive - for a report on his last impassioned presentation go here. No legitimate academic or health functionary here will have anything to do with him following his past attacks on their integrity and practice.

I heard him and regard the man as a total flake - his presentation was clap-trap in my view, and his "scientific" material dubious to say the least. His demonstrated ignorance of the situation in relation to the lack of naturally occurring fluoride here, while presenting totally discredited evidence about some villages in China which have proven to have about the highest incidence of naturally occuring fluoride in the entire World blew most of his arguments out of the water. It demonstrated once again just how vulnerable we are to visiting 'gurus' particularly from the US.  

This is just the beginning - the whole panoply of national anti-fluoride resource is about to be directed into this town, and those who are sitting on the fence will be subjected to a concentrated effort to convert them to the cause. 

Those who value what we have, and wish to keep fluoride for the sake of our children's health in particular need to get ready to organise, and compete. Forget the Council - it has abandoned us through establishing the referendum, and it is entirely up to us as to whether fluoride is 'removed by lunch-time' the moment the referendum is counted later this year.

Opposition will cost time energy and money - anyone interested in helping to tackle this task is invited to contact Rob Plummer - Rob has kindly offered to act as convener of the effort at this early stage. His number is 868 6989, or




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