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WRC Coromandel Catchment Committee

This Committee operates below the radar, but every resident of the District would be well advised to keep a very close watch on its activities. Here is the Order Paper for tomorrow's meeting at TCDC in Thames.

Note: This Committee's role does not extend to Thames and its environs - that is covered by the Waihou/Piako Catchment, and a separate committee.

In case you are unaware of its membership and role here is the membership for starters:

Councillor Clyde Graf Councillor Timoti Bramley Councillor Stuart Husband Ex-officio: Councillor Paula Southgate or Councillor Tipa Mahuta Land Owner and Community Representatives Alan Bridson Carol Nanning Kevin Robinson John Sanford (Chair) Brett Wilson Arthur Hinds Reihana Robinson Territorial Authority Representatives Mayor Glen Leach (Thames/Coromandel District Council) Iwi Representatives Joe Davis (Hauraki Maori Trust Board) Honey Renata (Hauraki Maori Trust Board) Department of Conservation Gemma White Forestry Representative Steve Couper

It appears from the minutes that the last meeting was taken up almost exclusively with attempts by Clyde Graf and Reihana Robinson to secure Committee support for a complete ban on 1080, and its replacement by trapping etc. Chair John Sandford's exasperation is evident in the letter that he will table at tomorrows meeting part of which is copied here:

Welcome to a new year of the zone committee.

I hope everyone managed to get some R & R and come back refreshed.

Code of Conduct                                                                                                                              The last meeting produced a good result with a lot of discussion, lots of tension and a Chair mentally exhausted.

I believe we have all learnt from this and hope that this meeting can move forward to achieve our objectives in a more business-like and efficient manner.

We all need to be able to express an opinion, question & clarify but at the same time be mindful of repetition, keeping on the subject and aiming for a resolution which fulfils the majorities wishes.

We need to be respectful to fellow members, orderly and accept that others on the committee can hold differing views.

I have spoken to members, staff and others about how to improve the flow and end results of meetings and accept that ultimately it falls on my shoulders as Chairman. The wish for all opinions to be heard and to get an end result meant I let some things go on and I accept I need to stick more strictly to timelines and protocols.

John Sanford

The Order Paper is quite long, and peppered with repeated references to the wording of the Coromandal-Colville Community Board resolution expressing opposition to 1080, and seeking alternative methods of pest eradication. It is clear from the procedural motions moved to secure WRC support for this resolution that Reihana and Clyde are determined to use this Committee as the vehicle to secure acceptance of their well known views on 1080. It is equally clear that there remains considerable opposition to this 'takeover' attempt, and the concerted effort made to mobilise Iwi support for their position.

Here is part of Reihana's speech in support of her paper:

R Robinson sought support from the Coromandel Liaison Zone Subcommittee for the resolution passed by the Coromandel-Colville Community Board expressing opposition to 1080. It was noted that in supporting the recommendation it would indicate that the Waikato Regional Council is prepared to align itself with the views of the community and iwi.

A motion to recommend that the WRC support the Coromandel Board position was adopted, but later amended through the timely intervention of Glenn Leach who introduced the TCDC position from 2009 which includes the following additions:

2. Supports the control of possums and other pests and bovine TB as essential to both the agricultural industry and to the Peninsula's indigenous flora and fauna.                                                                                                                                                                         3. Supports the Department of Conservation in its research to find a 1080 replacement.                       

4. Supports alternative solutions to 1080 where viable and within site specific areas of the Thames-Coromandel District.

This was a clever move, and it was seconded by Graf and passed unanimously. They must have realised during the adjournment that they were on a hiding to nothing with the original, and indeed WRC has since put it all on the back-burner while "further investigations are undertaken."  But don't for one moment expect Reihana and Clyde to back-down on this - they are as determined as ever to get 1080 removed full-stop from being used anywhere in the District, Region and nationally, and they clearly intend to continue using this Committee as a major medium for achieving this end.

Notice the pattern of how highly motivated, minority groups attempt to achieve their objectives through the takeover of democratic processes through saturation coverage ultimately leading to trial by exaustion. Just read John Sandford's letter to get the picture. I have watched eyes glaze over as the same tactic is used in regard to fluoride. Reasonable and patient tolerance just doesn't work. Fire needs to be fought with fire - that is my honest belief. It is time that members of these organisations had the courage of their convictions and stood up to this pasionate onslaught of often manufactured evidence.

I will attend tomorrow's meeting, and report the proceedings back on Wednesday.




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Reader Comments (1)

I fear that they will nibble away at each meeting to break down the 1080 wall, and this will become a classic "death by 1000 cuts". The interesting thing about this is that Mr Leach has proposed motion which passed as a resolution which has not been endorsed by TCDC as a whole, and differs from that of the local community board, who supposedly have empowerment. At least tomorrow you'll see some debating in the Council chamber for a change!!

February 16, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterSailing Away

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