Business, As Usual!
Monday, February 23, 2015 at 3:37PM
Bill Barclay

It is probably self-evident to most readers that operating this blog is costly in terms of time and effort – maintenance charged by my US provider is not particularly costly – a few hundred dollars a year, but the sheer effort required to keep the blog interesting and up-to-date is another matter.

If it provides value through you being able to keep up with what is going on in TCDC and WRC, albeit through my admittedly biased view, then I would ask that you consider making three, three monthly pledges of say $25, and I undertake to eschew advertising or any other fund-raising gimmick that other bloggers have resorted to.

I realise that having become used to ‘free’ news sites, there is a natural reluctance – witness the problem that the NZH is having introducing a ‘pay-wall.’ And that’s okay – there will be no compulsion, pushy promotions, or threatening letters. It is simply a case of putting a value on my effort, principally to help maintain what may otherwise be a waning interest in the machinations of a pretty average Mayor and Council as we enter my fifth year (and seven hundred posts!) of being a hopefully positive irritant!

In accordance with the KIS principle, I propose to simply issue a reminder “Pledge Post” at the end of March, June and September, avoiding December! No GST sought or paid!

My A/c is 03 0458 0274812-002 – W M Barclay

Should you wish to keep it anonymous, that’s okay – just leave your name off the transfer. My intention is to keep the news flowing at a consistent rate, depending on the level of activity and meetings at the Castle

Don’t worry – I have no intention of taking optional retirement just yet – there is just too much stuff going on. And don’t forget to tick the BillBarcBlog Twitter box feed to get regular headlines and updates through that medium.  




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