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Fluoride - "Tapping into the Science"

The February issue of "LG - the NZ Local Government Magazine" contains an extremely cogent and timely article called "Tapping into the Science" by the new CE of Water NZ - John Pfahlert:

"The November issue of Water New Zealand's journal Water, ran an article describing some of the background facts about the practice of water fluoridation, summarised the recent significant events surrounding the science and politics of fluoridation, and introduced the responses of the water industry co ensuring that fluoridation of water is carried out in a safe way.

In August 2014, The Royal Society of New Zealand and the Office of the Prime Minister's Chief  Science Advisor released a major review titled  Health  Effects of  Water Fluoridation: Review  of  the Scientific Evidence. This document summarised an assessment of the scientific evidence for and against fluoridation of drinking water. The review found that the levels of fluoride used in New Zealand create no health risks and are beneficial in the prevention of dental decay.

Indeed the study concluded that water fluoridation is a good use of ratepayer funds as the savings in dental costs are likely to be more than the cost of adding fluoride. of adding fluoride.

Currently 46 water treatment plants in New Zealand add fluoride to the water supply. Together they supply 2.1 million New Zealanders – or about half of the population. While the availability of sound scientific information to inform decision making is essential. Water NZ realises that it’s unlikely to make the public decision-making process any less heated. Proponents and opponents are still likely to resort to entrenched views.

However, while opponents are entitled to their own opinion. They are not entitled their own science. (my underline!) Hopefully the factual reports issued in 2014, including the new code, make the discernment of the facts somewhat easier going forward." 

I cannot argue with any of this - the pseudo-science propagated by the anti-fluoride crazies is unfortunately like cat-nip to an surprisingly large proportion of the population - generally in thrall to a small bunch of totally discredited medicos. Such is the case in this town where the dedicated and persuasive group are in the process of spreading their poisonous views with the help of overseas gurus - witness the numbers attending the meeting at the Grahamstown Hall last evening - I know how many because we were at a movie up the road!

The referendum that our Council has been sucked into is about to become plastered all over the town as they devise and implement the most well-planned campaign this country has ever seen. Buckle in, and battern down the hatches. Ignorance is universal, but deliberate falsification designed to appeal to the gullible is something else!



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