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I was somewhat confused about the presentation made by Ben Dunbar-Smith at the UEDC on Tuesday regarding the advancement of full broadband facilities into the District.

I raised questions with Laurna White, and have received the following excellent explanation:


In regards to your inquiry around Broadband. The approved budget of up to $20k is for the upgrade of Broadband to the Civic Centre. This is for infrastructure that will provide permanent ADSL2 and VDSL coverage (a stable 10MB per second all day, every day)

The Lightwire project is separate. It is just temporary, free trial to see how effective and viable the product is - and whether it is then suitable to be used in other areas where there are "blackspots" around the Coromandel.

As Ben Dunbar-Smith said in the ED Meeting the Lightwire product is not a permanent cellphone tower, but one that can be installed temporarily and is at a lower height than a permanent tower (so doesn't need resource consent).

We are looking at the possibility of trialling the product from one of these locations - the top of the Thames Council office building, the roof of the Civic Centre or the Placemakers Building site.  I didn't mention it in the press release as we are still working through with Lightwire the details of the free trial.

Here's a link to the providers

The Kopu upgrade is separate project again. This is an upgrade of two cabinets TH/Z and TH/B cabinet at Kopu. The ED committee approved $5520 in November which paid for the TH/Z cabinet. (out of the ED budget). The TH/B cabinet will be upgraded by June 2015 - out of the government's ultrafast broadband scheme.

I note the dish that has already appeared on the roof of the Placemaker's Building pointing at the Council - presumably the close association between Council and Guru Digital continues. 

Laurna's explanation does clarify the issues somewhat. 



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Reader Comments (2)

Bill I am confused -not sure whether it is you in your dotage who is causing the confusion or TCDC.
My understanding is VDSL is already in THames, running down Pollen Street, and in talking to some people , there are already businesses who have VDSL currently.
My understanding [and here is the confusion] VDSL comes down a copper wire-from the current Telecom exchange [Chorus] --why then the 'up to $20k' to establish in the civic Centre-when it is only a hop step and jump from the exchange--or have I got it real wrong?
The Lightwire project sounds real interesting, presumably Guru Digital must be driving this as aren't they in the Placemakers Building or am I doubly confused on that one as well?
Hopefully you will be able to explain it all to your readers [well those who may be interested].

February 27, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterDigitus

Chorus nee Telecom have had Fibre into Thames for many years. In fact there is a fibre link around the peninsula connecting all the telephone exchanges. This was one of the first places to be migrated to such high capacity circuits because of previous neglect. Broadband over Fibre is available anywhere in the Thames CBD if you are prepared to pay the cost of connection to the network. DOC have fibre in Thames as do a few others. Chorus came to council and made much fuss of their plans to extend fibre to every household and have been running fibre to cabinets, and then on to local distribution boxes. If every Thames broadband user called their ISP and demanded fibre the ISP's would ask Chorus to get it done sooner so all can clip the ticket. Broadband in Thames suffers from a very low grade copper cable network, installed at a time when broadband was never envisaged. Lacking critical mass the system was never resourced to handle lots of traffic so getting Broadband over Fibre involves running circuits from the exchange to a box down the road from your place, and then by copper or fibre to your place. In the case of the Civic Centre the fibre passes the Queen Street side of the building so it should not be too hard to tap into. TCDC should be able to persuade Chorus to lay fibre up Mary Street and around into Mackay, they are planning to do it anyway, so why not sooner then later. Why TCDC is messing around with wireless when it has fibre almost at it's door and almost at every door of every office it maintains. If there is a problem in Kopu Chorus should be made aware of it and reminded that they are not the only cable company operating in NZ. If council are going to pay for upgrades council should get a share of revenue. The shonks who run Chorus seem to have pulled the wool over someones eyes, or is this all an attempt to promote a low grade system operated by the 'local' company. Telecom control the speed of their clients connections to the internet in Thames now. It's slow because if they make it slow they can sell you up to a 'faster' service. Orcon deliver full speed, but in Thames that is limited by the local copper cable. The solution is to have someone [one of the ones we have employed at council will do] to be calling Chorus every week and saying when is it going to be done? Lets get the Chorus people back to council and have them report on what they promised. I can't believe that no one remembers this.

February 28, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterRobert Jeffares

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