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VDSL In Thames - Two Views!

Here are further further questions I asked Laura White:

"Is Council connected to the fibre?

I heard Ben Dunbar-Smith at the 28 January meeting describe the free dish connection as being between the Council and the Civic Centre – correct or incorrect?

If my hearing was correct, why has the destination now changed from Civic Centre to Placemakers?

Is the dish that was installed on Placemakers in January actually part of the Lightwire ‘test’?

Is the dish connection between Placemakers and the Council to be  temporary or permanent?

If temporary, what is the term of the agreement with Lightwire?

If permanent, what are the conditions for continuation beyond the ‘test.’?

Is Guru required sign any form of agreement with Council or Lightwire in regard to continuation?"

Here are the answers provided by Laurna: 

"Yes, Council is currently connected to fibre. We use this connection to maintain both our internet access, and our LAN (Local Area network) of computers at our sub-district offices.

The Lightwire system that we are looking to trial is an "air fibre" option which uses smaller solar-powered transmitter towers on the hills, and small transmitter dishes on tall building in urban areas. There is a potential for this smaller-scale air fibre system to resolve many of the geographic "limited coverage" issues which affect the Coromandel due to our mountainous geography.

This trial is likely to involve installing a small dish on the roof of the Council building, and then beaming the air-fibre signal down to a receiving dish on a nearby building.

You are correct that the intention is to consider using this system on the Civic Centre - when and if the Lightwire service is proved to be effective. However the Civic Centre will not be occupied for some months, and so in the meantime we need a high-usage operator to receive the signal and test its reliability. We intend to use Guru Digital in the Placemakers site for this test (which should take about two weeks).

Council has not yet signed any contract with Lightwire. Our test period will certainly be temporary - and it is likely to be a little or no cost to Council (as the Lightwire people wish to demonstrate their system.) if the Lightwire system is proven to work, then Council may look at a longer term contract.

Guru Digital are receiving no compensation from Council for taking part in the trial. Indeed they are likely to end up paying the provider (Lightwire) for the broadband service they receive. The dish that was installed at the Placemakers site was paid for by Guru, with no Council contribution or deal.

We are working hard to find ways of improving broadband access around the Coromandel. We are taking a responsible  low-cost approach to trial the system before we recommend it to anyone, or consider using it for Council itself."

And here is a comment on the previous post on the subject from Simon of Parawai:

"We have had VDSL for two years, in poor old Parawai no less. It comes down the old copper phone line. Installed at a cost of ... $50 ... (for a VDSL filter), by me. 40Mbps down, but more importantly 10Mbps up (thats 10x normal ADSL) - which is what I actually need it for in my business. Does that make me a "node" on TCDC's "IT Hub"?

Now there is a good question - Is Simon a 'node'?

All printable answers on this comment system please, and I undertake to maintain the good communication while we sort out what exactly is going on.




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