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Liquor Licensing Decision

Here is the decision handed down today by the Liquor Licensing Authority

Most importantly, supermarket hours have been reduced to 7am to 9pm. 

The only appellant to hang in after concessions were made by the Council early on in the Hearing, was Foodstuffs North Island Ltd. on behalf only of Whangamata New World who indicated a need for the extended hours to 10pm during the Christmas period - 18 December to 25 January.

It is evident that the Thames Pak'n'Save franchiser felt no such need, Progressive Enterprises withdrew their appeal, along with Super Liquor Holdings - the latter simply wanted standard hours for all.

Read Christine Tye's (Senior Planner) excellent evidence from p.5 to get the full picture of the imbalance in offending and the number of existing outlets in Whangamata. Her evidence was evidently given substantial credence by the Authority.

It is interesting that Progressive/Countdown which provided such stiff opposition to John Tregidga in Paeroa who wanted the same or similar hours backed right off here - I think they thought they would use Paeroa as the test-case/precedent to oppose hour reductions nationally. 

The evidence presented by the Whangamata New World failed every test in the opinion of the Authority, and looked rather pathetic in black and white - they could not even prove that the Respondent (Council) needed to "show a causative link between alcohol-related harm and premises closing after 9pm."

Inevitably, their appeal went down the tubes, and we are thankfully now left with the reduced hours that our shops should have no difficulty dealing with. 

Three cheers for our Council, its process and determination, and in particular, the splendid evidence of Christine Tye that swung the decision heavily in our favour. 




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