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Take Responsibility Clyde!

It is all very well for Clyde Graf to respond with shock/horror to what has happened over the last 24 hours on the 1080 front.

Fortunately, there are a few of us with long memories of just how his group and their associates have fought the anti-1080 battles in the past with little regard to the law, or the safety of others. Helicopter pilots and DoC officers who have been threatened and assaulted over the years will regard Clyde's denials of involvement or any knowledge of what has gone on with wry smiles.

It is not that he or anyone else in particular he may know may have been the actual nutter who typed these letters and mixed the milk powder and 1080 to accompany the threat - it is simply that they created the environment which tends to attract potential nutters, and their inflammatory rhetoric gives those people all the permission they need to perpetrate these actions. Those of us who drove regularly past an effigy hanging on a gate-post between here and Thronton Bay prior to the last local election will know precisely what I am talking about.  

For Clyde (and others!) to claim that they too have had threats directed against them is frankly risable in the circumstances. His group have always acted on the edge of the law, and issued threats with gay abandon whenever it suited their purposes. Like so many activists of their kind, they believe that they have 'right' on their side, and that ends certainly justify the means.

Their campaign to get get rid of 1080 has simply polarised people to the point where reasonable discourse is impossible. That he is now working - successfully it must be said, behind the scenes on the Regional Council to achieve his ends does not detract from past behaviour. 

It is not hyperbole to describe what has occured now as eco-terrorism - those who contibuted to this situation should think very, very carefully about what they have wrought. There is no hiding behind the need to 'protect the environment' (and pig-dogs!) - simply accept that this behaviour is unacceptable, take reponsibility, and tone it down. 




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Reader Comments (1)

Bill your post could not have been more prescient.

A view from Councillor Graf on an accetable level of protest when it comes to an argument you just know that you are right.

Here is commends a fellow who made his views known through the point of a gun.

I suppose Clyde has an affinity for actions like this given his past.

Birds of feather and all that.

I have yet to hear him mention any regret over his actions given the undoubted trauma he inflicted on the Bank staff.

Given the above it is my view that he is not fit for public office.

March 15, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

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