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Another Boat Ramp 'Stitch-Up'

Oamaru Bay boat ramp is collapsing from erosion, and repairs that took place last year have failed.

Greg Hampton has been busy today with pressers - the latest suggests:

"If there is community support for the facility we may be able to justify the repairs or replacement of the ramp"

Then he goes on:

"We do have to ensure the ramp can become operationally sustainable and we will need to engage with the community to assess the level of support and options."

What do you make of that? - another 'stitch-up' on the way by the look of it. Either the community comes to the party, or else it should go. I guess the Community Board will have the opportunity to put its hand up, but this is generally the kind of wooly thinking that has got our Council into so much trouble in the past - particularly with boat ramps.

They should be a local activity only, and giving an inch is as good as a mile! There is no justification for the non-boat owning rate-payers to have this cost imposed on them. 




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Reader Comments (1)

Agree, there was nothing wrong with boat ramp fees when they were introduced.

March 18, 2015 | Unregistered Commentersailing away

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