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Fluoride - Definitive Statement By Dental Association!

The following is the statement released by the Dental Association on the subject of fluoridation on 16 March 2015".

"The Ministry of Health and Medsafe are to be congratulated for adopting a new amendment to the Medicines Act around water fluoridation

The NZ Dental Association supports the Ministry of Health’s adopting a new regulation under the Medicines Act under section 105(1)(i) to provide that:

“Fluoride-containing substances, including the substances HFA and SSF are not medicines for the purposes of the Medicines Act when they are manufactured and supplied or distributed for the purpose of fluoridating community drinking water supplies.”

This decision confirms previous high court considerations and decisions that have been made by Justice Collins at the High Court who stated that fluoride at the concentration found in community drinking water supply is a not a medicine.

In another recent High Court case Justice Hansen concluded that addition of fluoride to the water supply was legal and permitted by the Health Act 1956, and that the delivery of fluoride in drinking water did not constitute mass-medication.

The amendment also reiterates the findings of the report titled “Health effects of water fluoridation: a review of the scientific evidence” published on behalf of the Royal Society of New Zealand and the Office of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor which strongly affirms the scientific evidence into the safety and positive health effects of water fluoridation.

The NZ Dental Association is remains concerned about the constant misrepresentation and scaremongering that some anti fluoride groups continue to voice.

“This decision once again confirms that the anti fluoride lobby has outdated, poorly informed and inaccurately biased views on community water fluoridation. It remains clear that their latest tactic to attempt to deny New Zealander’s the benefits of water fluoridation was again based on pseudo science and emotion rather than evidence based scientific fact” says Dr David Crum.

“The NZ Dental Association’s position is the same as any number of reputable health organizations, based on the scientific evidence community water fluoridation is a safe, effective and cost efficient way of reducing dental caries and reducing health inequalities,” says Dr David Crum.

The NZ Dental Association and the Ministry of Health are not alone in their position. The NZ Medical Association along with the Australian and American Dental Associations, the World Health Organisation and the World Dental Federation to name a few, all support community water fluoridation." 

Surely, you would have thought this finally puts the kibosh on the nonsense that has circulated throughout the country, but particularly in this town for far too long. 

But it is still not good enough for our Mayor and Council who have vacillated in the face of the onslaught of propaganda and scaremongering referred to in the release. The Mayor, to his eternal discredit even displayed his own abyssmal ignorance by indicating his support for removal at the time the referendum was adopted. For some reason, otherwise reasonable councillors often turn to quivering idiots when faced with the fluoride argument, and national polititions are no better. Electoral survival is the universal motivator of course.    

I know that several readers of my blog are sick to death of the stupid argument, and just wish that the whole thing would go away.

Unfortunately, we have to go through the same charade that was inflicted recently on Hamilton and New Plymouth rate-payers, and hold a referendum in the second half of this year. Despite the 70:30 vote for retention in those towns, the anti-fluoride forces are gathering and are determined to make Thames the 'Trojan Horse' for their campaign to scare sufficient New Zealanders into having it banned everywhere.

This is because Thames demographics are seen as conducive to achieving success, and I make no apology for once again using the Grahamstown Luvvy label to generally describe the cohort who lie behind this effort. It is interesting that there have been a number of indications of support from the closely aligned Transition Town Thames mob who use the 'progressive' cloak to disguise their underlying purpose and intent.

It is imperative that those who support fluoride quietly seek out and implore others who may be sitting on the fence to participate in the referendum. I would suggest that there is a considerable majority of rate-payers who have lived in this town all their lives, and who have benefited from the presence of fluoride in the water supply who will be willing to support retention, if only they care sufficiently to vote - it is significant that there was an extremely low turn-out in the two recent referenda mentioned above. 

But they may need persuasion - and it is not too early to talk to these people, and remind them if necessary of their civic responsibility to defend the ramparts against the inroads of the mostly imported luvvies who are determined to 'kill' fluoride. These people remain determinedly oblivious to the long term effects on the teeth of every child living in this town, while often holding on their long-held and honest beliefs regarding the 'poisonous' effects of fluoride on their own health. 

If in doubt, just talk to Thames dentists who every day are dealing with the consequences of fluoride being absent from the water supplies of other communities on the Peninsula whose children often end up having extractions and other more radical oral procedures at our hospital.

Please remain conscious of just what is going on in our town - it is no time for complacency.




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