The Despair Of National
Saturday, March 28, 2015 at 7:43PM
Bill Barclay

Those of us who have become extremely concerned at the deterioration in National's fortunes over the last year may better understand the turn of events through today's post by Cameron Slater in his Whaleoil Blog - forget all the anti W/O prejudice, and some of his more extreme positions on climate change and sugar etc. - what he does have is a deep if somewhat cynical understanding of the vagaries of the electoral cycle, and is able to express it even on a day when he is facing a very cross Jesse Ryder in the ring. 

He has certainly nailed John Key and National's woes in this post, the timing of which is spot-on on this day of judgment in North Auckland when a 9,000 majority appears ready to be reversed. Slater's most salient comment is that for the first time he believes that "the rot cannot be reversed." It is simply not credible to put this down to the by-election phenomena - it is far deeper than that - just think for a moment how this particular debacle evolved. 

I think we all realise that middle New Zealand is becoming fed-up with the miss-steps that have led to this situation. There appears hardly a ministry that has not tripped up, or Minister that has not displayed hubris and arrogance in the face of what to everyone else are blindingly obvious mistakes and 'cock-ups.'

There are clearly some back-benchers - our Scott probably amongst them, who are wondering what the hell is going on, and who will be despairing of the coccoon with which Key appears to have surrounded himself, and endeavouring to put as much water between themselves and the coming disaster as possible. 


"The perversity of it is that National can institutionally know what to do, but it won’t actually do it.  It’s like a boat taking on water, and buckets being handy, but everyone is much more concerned about where to sit as the boat is sinking."




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