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VDSL in Thames 

Here is an exchnage over the VDSL that may clarify, or confuse depending on your electronic literacy.

It is starting to get beyond me, dotage or otherwise!

Comment on my Broadband post last week:

“Bill I am confused -not sure whether it is you in your dotage who is causing the confusion or TCDC.
My understanding is VDSL is already in Thames, running down Pollen Street, and in talking to some people , there are already businesses who have VDSL currently.
My understanding [and here is the confusion] VDSL comes down a copper wire-from the current Telecom exchange [Chorus] --why then the 'up to $20k' to establish in the civic Centre-when it is only a hop step and jump from the exchange--or have I got it real wrong?
The Lightwire project sounds real interesting, presumably Guru Digital must be driving this as aren't they in the Placemakers Building or am I doubly confused on that one as well?
Hopefully you will be able to explain it all to your readers [well those who may be interested].”

I forwarded this to Laurna White for her response - here it is:

"Yes there are VDSL lines (copper wire) around Thames - but it's not connected into the Civic Centre. The budgeted money of $20k is to actually link the VDSL lines into the Civic Centre with four connections.

Those four connections would be for:

  1. The i-Site,
  2. Destination Coromandel,
  3. General use within the Civic Centre

Each connection link costs approximately $5k.

Guru Digital is not driving the Lightwire project at all. This is a Council initiative following feedback we've had from communities around "black spots" around the District.

The free trial (which we are still working out the details for) looks like we would possibly beam from the top of our Council building to the Placemakers site in the first instance.

Guru Digital is based there and as this is a business that is a high user of internet upload and download we will get a better gauge on whether the Lightwire product is effective.  Once we have initially tested to see if that's successful we will then trial beaming to the Civic Centre.

Again the details are still being worked out on this one. I will be able to give you something more official on this project once it's all been confirmed."

I don't wish to prolong this agony, so let's call it quits until Laurna comes up with more information as she has promised.




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Reader Comments (2)

We have had VDSL for two years, in poor old Parawai no less. It comes down the old copper phone line. Installed at a cost of ... $50 ... (for a VDSL filter), by me. 40Mbps down, but more importantly 10Mbps up (thats 10x normal ADSL) - which is what I actually need it for in my business. Does that make me a "node" on TCDC's "IT Hub" ?

March 10, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterSimon

Hi Simon
What is filter brand, spec etc? Where did you get same? Did you replace an existing ADSL filter?
Did you have to get any permissions from your provider, or require a special plan? Do they monitor your Mbps up and down?
Call me please if you prefer.
Many thanks.

March 10, 2015 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

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