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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie - A Game Of Two Halves!

Greg Baum is Associate Editor of the 'Melbourne Age,' and probably Austaliaa's most respected sports columnist. 

His article yesterday on the Finals boorishness displayed by certain Australian players will have put a great number of noses out of joint, but will be widely if quietly applauded by the 'other half' of Australian cricket followers who have squirmed through some of the more egregious and childish behaviour that has characterised so much of what the World sees when their top team is on display.

As Greg says, it was behaviour that the ICC promised to crack down on in this tournament, but again failed to follow -up. We have been told for years that the Sub-Continent had gained too much power within the ICC, but seemingly not sufficient to influence the imposition of sanctions on the ebullient, winning Aussies within their own home stadium. Until adequate penalties are imposed - instantly, on behaviour such as the utterly boorish "send-offs" that followed the dismissals of Guptill, Elliott and Vettori, such behaviour will continue.

It is ironic that Clarke was congratulated by four Kiwis on his final One-Day dismissal, while Vettori, in the same position was given gob-full of Aussie insults.

It is a great shame that the incredible achievement - mainly of the Aussie quicks, is to be remembered with a caveat of this nature. Along with so many others, we were thrilled by the whole competition, and the Kiwi performance in particular, but after 25 years of our life spent in Australia, and as dual citizens, we were left bemused, but not surprised by the Aussie finals display.

We know only too well just how true is Greg Baume's reference to the 'other half' of Australians who are simply embarrassed, and exasperated by the old 'win at all costs' attitude.  You cannot help but admire the success it engenders, while deploring the display.        

As Greg Baume states so succinctly, Australia derserves to bask in being the best one-day cricket team in the world, but as they bask on, remember that there is a difference between best and champion. 




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