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Civic Centre Upheaval

An extremely good paper on the alterations to the Civic Center to accommodate Destination Coromandel and the "I" Site goes to the Community Board on Monday.

This paper by Greg Hampton is accompanied by an extremely detailed Project Definition - I can't fault it, and so far, the estimates appear to be just within the budgets, which is a change, though final tenders have not yet been called. 

It will certainly be a major improvement to this town when the "I" Site is located centrally, and alongside the Destination Coromandel offices from whence oversight can be provided, when the old Trust goes out of existence on 30 June.

Under these new arrangement, we will have a logical operation at last with the two 'District' sites at Whitianga and Thames operated and managed by DC, and funded directly by Council. The others at Whangamata, Coromandel and Tairua/Pauanui will be local Community Board operations. 

This has taken a considerable time to get organised, but by by 1 July the operation should be ready to get under way with all incoming buses directed intro the town centre, and away from that depressing end of town where it has been located for so long.  The only downside relates to concerns about what will now happen at the old site. It is to be hoped that the owners of the building can secure a long term viable lessee. 

I for one look forward to the new arrangements - good work Greg!




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