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Hold Everything On Thames Skate Park!

Yes, here we go again - original estimates and plans for the Skate Park have come adrift as the result of revisions brought about by the 'discovery' of a major wastewater pipe under Porritt Park.

This has resulted in an extremely confusing paper on the subject that goes to the Community Board on Monday 13 April. (Perhaps someone could guide Mr Stephens in the use of commas - I know that they are 'out of favour' in modern grammatical usage, but surely one comma in three pages of complicated explanation is a little 'light on.' I know that I have commented previously on Simon's convoluted style - I am not gettting at him - it is simply unacceptable to have papers presented in this manner - full-stop!)

One can gather (I think!) that four Board members who attended a 23 March Workshop preferred Option 3, but staff prefer Option 2 for reasons that escape me when in the attached Schedule this Option is deemed by staff to be "the third best aesthetic and functional location" Option 3 "is considered to give the best overall result," but staff retain preference for 2 in the summary - work that out!

Regardless, they (the staff) admit that:      

"The location issue is not a significant driver of the escalation of the expected Thames Skate Park project budget which is more a result of inaccurate budgeting during the feasibility stage"

Hang on to that statement, because:
"Staff are currently reassess ing the project budget requirements as a result of the updated estimates and scope change but it is clear that the current budget will be substantially under what will be required to construct the current Skate Park design on the Porritt Park site. As a result staff will present an updated business case to the Board at this meeting to seek direction and review the project mandate"

Expect the worst when the revised business case comes forward on Monday - currently $220,000 in 2014/15 Annual Plan, and in estimates prepared by the redoubtable SGL Group, and Brebner Architects, but note the final statement in the Schedule to the effect that "further investigation of the wastewater main is required," along with Ngati Maru approval.

I smell a major blowout with this project, and there is no indication in the Paper as to whether they have achieved their fundraising targets - $35k community, and $105k external. It is clear that fudging of these targets is now possible with the joining up of all three (skate park, Zoom Zone, and grandstand facilities), and it is high time that this current detail was fully reported in a clear and understandable manner, but don't hold your breath - experts are at work!




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