"Smash the Cremating Capitalist!"
Monday, April 20, 2015 at 11:37AM
Bill Barclay

There is a change in emphasis in the Karl Edmonds inspired march on Wednesday that appeared on the GBH website at the weekend:

"All those making banners etc for our march on Wednesday please keep focused on the fact that we all want a crematorium for the district but NOT in town!"

Interesting also to note the use of the term "comrades" when encouraging attendance on the website. All very well, but the one thing that the luvvies fail to understand is that cremators, like most other good things in life, cost money – big money. Adrian Catran indicated that he was looking at a half mill. outlay, just for the cremator that would lie alongside his existing chapel and other facilities. 

Try reproducing all that at some other site and the luvvies would need a million or more. And hence no doubt the reference to Catran "profiting" from being able to provide the service.  

And just where would it therefore have to come from? – are they suggesting that our Council should come up with the moullie – if so, why don’t they come out and say it, and at the same time the amount of rate increase implied in this investment, let alone the annual upkeep costs. Otherwise, they may be prepared to make the investment themselves – first find the suitable site outside the town, and then be ready to dig deep, luvvies!

Then there is the whole question of unattributed advertising of the march in the 'Hauraki Herald' utilizing 1930's style Nazi images of crushing fists while hypocritically calling for a “peaceful” march from Twentyman’s to the Council.

I know that if I was Adrian Catran, I would be hot-footing off to see Senior Sgt. Graham Shields to-day to seek protection for his premises on Wednesday from the rabid mob that Edmonds is encouraging to come and march – including all the strange leaderless lost souls who hang around this town in disproportionate numbers.

Secondly, I would be seeking some comment from the Mayor regarding the legality of the march, and what the Council intends to do about it, particularly in regard to crowd and traffic control, should the luvvies be successful in rustling up the numbers they seek. And the appropriateness of marching on this issue in ANZAC week. 

Perhaps at the same time, the Mayor could clarify the so-far totally confused message that his Council has promulgated regarding exactly what the Council is able to do to stop Mr Catran from proceeding with his alleged plan to install a cremator at his commercial/industrial designated premises in Kirkwood St.  Suggesting that perhaps he should seek a Certificate of Compliance hardly cuts the mustard guys!

Those are legitimate questions, so far fudged and sidestepped by an obviously embarrassed and inadequate administration. It would be laughable if it were not so serious.




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