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Hahei Holiday Park "Not A Council Purchase!"

Leach has got in first with a presser today to the effect that the Council will not stand as a potential purchaser of the Hahei Holiday Park ($11.5m!) now that it has come on the market. "We have not got the resources for it" - a clear and necessary statement to avoid the inevitable groundswell of locals wanting the Council to take it over.

Well that is a relief. He made it clear that if the locals want it, they may look to having the Council acquire itthrough an Area of Benefit rate. But even that inevitably leads to charges beyond the purchase price that have to be absorbed district wide, so they better forget about it.

There will be more and more pressure over the years for Council involvement in purchasing most desirable coastal blocks for local purposes, and it is as well if clear statements of intent are made right from the word go. Such was not the case with New Chum where the door appeared to have been left ajar, and it has always been my impression that the owners were angling to get their coin from public subscription - both at the national and at the local level. And their asking price was $20m a few years ago - what will it be now?

No, make it clear right from the start that ratepayers are not there to bail these people out when the public pressure comes on - often I suspect aided and abetted by the vendors.




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