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'The Barclay Report' - Where Art Thou?

Readers may recall my 5 April post in which I outlined further Top Table fury over my 'impertinant' inquiries to the Auditor General and Ombudsman regarding faulty processes within our Council, and the subsequent letters that I penned to those two august agencies seeking intervention on my behalf to prevent continued bullying, intimidation, and general mayhem at our Council meetings aimed at me in particular, but rate-payers in general. 

I received acknowledgement from the Ombudsman, but no action. On the other hand, the Auditor General wrote this week in bland terms suggesting that these were "procedural matters best addressed by the Council" - yeah right! Also suggesting that my approach to the Ombudsman "seemed to be an appropriate step"! Well that is certainly encouraging and indicative of a finely honed 'pass the buck' approach so revered in that 'watch-dog' organisation. 

But lo and behold - the agenda for Wednesday's meeting has emerged with no sign of the dreadful report on costs incurred by Council in dealing with my complaints, and to be laid directly at my doorstep for appropriate public humiliation. It seems that our erstwhile Mayor may have had second thoughts and countermanded the original instruction to CFO Steve Baker, who appeared such a willing participant in this 'bagging' process. 

Oh well, too bad - I was looking forward to this additional publicity for my blog, and an explanation from the Mayor as to why it was so important to avoid having to deal with inquiries and complaints, and at the same time publicly excoriate me for the benefit of the non-existant media regarding my frivolous complaints.

It would appear that the interest of the Auditor General in the matter may have brought about a re-think even if he avoided mounting an investigation into the actions of the Mayor. It is probably best in the circumstances to vacate the matter, though I am still far from satisfied with the explanations provided earlier. Other submitters have raised similar issues during the course of the LTP Hearings, but they will no doubt be similarly 'glossed over' during the deliberations later this week. 

I will give it a miss - these bamboozled bozos will simply tick the boxes.  We get what we deserve. 




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