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LTP Accommodation Decisions

Council folded today in the face of strong opposition to the $200 short-term acoommodation charge earlier proposed.  Submitters were 309/77 opposed. These were the most heated and numerous of the submissions to the overall plan, and for Council to fold on it was predictable, though councillors will claim that it is simply responded to the 'will of the people.' Make your own mind up on that. 

But with potential voter reaction not nearly so threatening on the proposal that four bed-room plus bed & breakfast operations join motels as 'commercial' properties, as outlined in my post below - "Motels v. B & Bs - an LTP Anomalyl" went through without significant opposition. The anomaly remains, and mores the pity, but opposition needed to be mounted earlier and in a more concerted manner for councillors to feel similarly threatened on this issue. It was an easy cop!

My assumption is that all the boxes were ticked except for the short term accomodation proposal. I certainly was not going to sit through it. 

The entire submissions and deliberations document is contained here, but it is 386 pages of fairly turgid documentation. The summary of decisions will not be available until the agenda of the 24 June meeting energes. Implementation of the LTP follows of course on 1 July.




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