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LTP Deliberations - Council Take! 

Before we depart, here is the summary of decisions in the deliberations phase of the LTP,

Most of these have already been high-lighted in past posts, but it still makes interesting reading - particularly the number of costs that have been moved to 'district' from 'area of benefit.'  This has been a long term trend starting with waste-water some 15 years ago. Generally this has tended to penalise Thames rate-payers as the more extravagant demands of higher income rate-payers on the Eastern Seaboard have sought to spread the cost of their higher demands over the entire District - look at Information Centres, Boat-ramps and Stormwater on this occasion.  

Our councilors have generally failed to recognise the trend, and they have been sucked in with soothing words, but at the same time been willing to accept the 'area of benefit' nature of the library and swimming-pool amongst many other facilities that our Eastern Seaboard friends resist funding through a 'district' charge.

Any attempt to draw attention to this anomaly has drawn strongly worded resistance from certain staff members, two mayors and many councillors over several years. But it just does not hit the pocket of Thames rate-payers sufficient to bring about a vocal chorus of objection. So it is the old story - we get what we deserve, and it will only get worse!

Otherwise, my Auditor-General complaints regarding this LTP remain unanswered in the main. Eventually, the chickens will come home to roost, but as I have said earlier, this Council is by no means on its own in regard to some utterly unacceptable practices that crept into the process that the AG appears unwilling or unable to prevent. Future asset valuation being one, leading to a totally fictitious Asset Re-valuation Reserves that in turn distort future projections simply because even in the case of a relatively small Council like TCDC, billions of dollars are involved. The LTP in other words is demonstrably a nonsense, and the process a futile and expensive exercise.. 

Nothing will change until someone in Government asks "Where are the Emperor's clothes?" But don't hold your breadth for the Auditor-General.   




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