Treasury Wins Heritage Architecture Award!
Monday, May 4, 2015 at 2:42PM
Bill Barclay

The Teasury was entered in this year's Waikato/Bayof Plenty Architecture Awards, and won the Heritage Award.

This was accompanied by the following citation:

"A former Carnegie Free Library has been carefully restored to provide public access to formerly homeless archival records of the social history of the community, while a refined and shamelessly contemporary building has been built adjacent to store this information for posterity.  This clever and elegant pair of buildings contributes a remarkable urban presence to Thames.  Not only do they offer a wonderful amenity for locals and visitors alike, but they also have the power to transform the town's view of the value of good architecture, in terms of both its historic and future heritage.  The success of this project is a tribute to the team of dedicated local people behind the Coromandel Heritage Trust."

And so say all of us - great work all concerned, especially Morrie & Geraldine who have been in tireless in their efforts - a magnificent result.

The building is now elegible for a NZIA national award.

Good luck!




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