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Fluoride - Our Council Reaps What It Sows!

I have issued a number of warnings about the utter naivety, and lack of courage around the Council table when it comes to dealing with the perennial demands of the anti-fluoride brigade. Those warnings have now materialised with Council being asked to deal with an extraordinary attempt to plaster our town with anti-fluoride signage prior to the fatuous and futile referendum this craven bunch agreed to for later this year.

Unfortunately, our town has become the habitat of an ex-medico English migrant whose former general practitioner status is not recognised in this country, but who continues to expand on her qualifications when making submissions to Council – a practice frowned by our Medical Council, and which may indeed be illegal.

This person - Jane Beck, appears to have made the anti-fluoride campaign her own crusade, and she has become nationally significant in the campaign. Hence the enthusiastic and whole hearted support being provided to the local campaign by the national anti-fluoride organisation based in Wellington. It is their resources that are planned to be used in mounting what will undoubtedly be expensive signage and other publicity to be directed at this town for the duration. 

The previous local darling of the campaign - Libby Boyd, has apparently fallen out with its less virulent members, including Jane Beck. They have undoubtedly recognised Libby’s "FLUORIDE IS GENOCIDE" campaign is counter-productive to the overall national campaign, and Libby and her cohort have been side-lined, even shunned by the group, not without substantial acrimony if I am not mistaken.

Don't for one moment imagine that the methods adopted and about to be implemented by Jane Beck are any saner that those of Libby Boyd - just a little less 'in your face,' and obviously psychotic.

No, the campaign to be mounted here will be a great deal more subtle, and aimed at creating fear and concern amongst the vulnerable (watch particularly for the messages aimed at younger women with school aged children) under Jane Beck's tutelage. The campaign will be intelligent and convey plausible if highly suspect 'scientific' evidence gleaned from the countless websites on the subject, along with several quotes from the equally highly suspect American academic Dr Paul Connett, whose previous meeting I attended here in Thames in 2013.

Connett made his usual apocalyptic presentation at the Grahamstown Hall to all the Grahamstown luvvies in February. Make no mistake, this man is considered potentially dangerous by our health authorities with the totally unsubstantiated message he conveys, and the dubious, out-dated, and un-peer-reviewed 'scientific' evidence that he presents in the manner of a Southern Baptist revivalist preacher.

There is no doubt that he gleans converts from those sections of the population who are susceptible to this manner of presentation. Unfortunately, he has support from around  our Council table amongst people who may otherwise be considered reasonably intelligent. Even our erstwhile Mayor indicated his wish to see fluoride removed at the referendum meeting. He will surely have conducted his own ‘straw-poll’ amongst his cohort – imagine that!  

It is absolutely critical that our Council understand that having put this ridiculous referendum in place, and if they succumb to the appeal by Jane Beck, that they will unleash a similar outburst of publicity and ugly signage defending the current fluoridation of our water supply. Those who are deeply committed to retention are certainly not going to sit back and allow a dubious English medico, and discredited  American academic to dictate removal of a water treatment that has proven so beneficial to generations of children growing up in this town.

Already the signs of a concerted counter attack are evident, and our population will be thoroughly sick and tired of this crazy pseudo-scientific debate before the referendum is over, but our councillors obviously need to learn that they reap what they sow. Remember that it is they who have made this a 'binding' referendum - there is no backing out now, and they will have to live with the consequences.

It would be as well if the pro-fluoride people make it perfectly clear in their publicity that there was no need for this expensive exercise - this referendum has been forced on the town by a craven Council, unwilling to make intelligent decisions on behalf of its electors as they are supposed to do between elections. Perhaps that should be remembered come October 2016.

In the meantime, let the battle-lines be drawn, but spare us the dammed signage – please!   



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The latest word from the castle is the Regulatory Department is about to get ripped apart so I betcha a few signs will be the least of their worries.

May 10, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterOnce bitten

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