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Great Walks - Great News!

A presser this am announced that the Lottery Significant Project Fund application came through with a $1m grant. This is less that was applied for, and no mention is made as toi whether the balance may come through later, or whether another application will need to be made. It was originally $1.8m, so the shortfall is quite significant, but probably not such as to prevent the work from getting under way. 

But first, the imbroglio with the Hahei Residents & Ratepayers Association will need to be resolved, and there is no sign that this outcome will be achieved in the immediate future. In fact, quite to the contrary in the light of the information that has been passed to me regarding a build-up of real antagonism in the community that may not be able to be resolved through the Stakeholder Working Group. In fact, it would appear that there will need to be a substantial back-down, and less arrogance all round if there is to be any 'meeting of the minds' with the R & R. 

I hope that this can be achieved, because the revised plan certainly appeared to have merit, but there is no doubt that the parking problems remain an almost insurmountable hurdle unless some considerable concessions are made to assuage local feelings.




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Reader Comments (2)

Great News for the walk. A proper comprehensive Business case available to the Public at the start may may have seen more people embracing the idea. Do we know how visitors walk across the Purangi? Do we know if landholders are willing to be participants? What about parking issues? for the Govt to give this money they must have been given a comprehensive Business case.. Can intetested parties have one too please?

June 17, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterDIGGER

I was being a little ironic with the title - Digger!
Indeed there was a business case that accompanied the application.
It was comprehensive, but it made a great number of disputable, but probably arguable assumptions.
I could dig it out for you, but an enquiry to the Communications Manager Laurna White should get a result.

June 17, 2015 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

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