Cambridge To Get New Pool
Friday, June 19, 2015 at 11:42AM
Bill Barclay

Stuff has put up an excellent post regarding a new pool for Cambridge that shows exactly what could have been achieved in fairly short order had our Community Board and Council not been totally taken in by the bleating of the Zoom Zone proponents in regard to the "Dry Court" now in final stages of planning at the High School.

"Waipa District Council has agreed in principle to spend $7.8 million towards a radically improved pool complex, including the construction of an indoor eight or 10-lane 25-meter pool and a learner's pool.

The existing outdoor pool will be retained but will be upgraded along with changing facilities.

The plans are all contingent upon the wider community fundraising at least $1.1 million."

Waipa Mayor Jim Mylchreest reported the strong demand during their TYP hearings to "get the job done." 

What is interesting is the fact that they think they can achieve an indoor 8-lane 25m pool for this amount ($7.8m) AND upgrade the existing outdoor 50m pool.

Cambridge is a comparably sized town to Thames, though it clearly has an economy on a different level. Regardless, if their estimate is correct, then we could have achieved a new pool for roughly what we are about to spend on the 'Dry Court.' But with Zoom Zone having cleaned out the Thames 'nest-egg' fund to the tune of $2.5m, we will be waiting many, many years to see see out totally inadequate pool replaced.

What a pity that we do not have councillors and Board members with the vision and determination of their counterparts in Cambridge (Waipa).




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