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Scott Simpson - John Key's 'Stalking Horse'??

It seems like Cam Slater has a high opinion of Scott. He has always appeared to be Scott's stongest supporter in (Ex.) National ranks. I don't believe that this has ever assisted Scott to get off the back-benches. It may be that Key is 'saving him up' for bigger and brighter things closer to the action, but I certainly can detect no such scenario.

Go down to the comments on the Whaleoil post and you will see that there is little support for Scott amongst a considerable number of what I assume are local National supporters. I have always found him affable enough, and probably worthy of some greater recognition, but given his majority, one would be entitled to think that he could have been far more pro-active in local affairs.

My impression is that has a strictly 'hands-off' policy in regard to Leach and his cohort. The investment that the National 'back-room' boys have made in this current Council probably prevents anything that may constitute interference by Scott in what is surely a quite fertile field for a national politition. The tight group based mainly in Whitianga have surely warned Scott off in that regard - and hence the 'free-ride' that Leach has had virtually from the day he was elected. 

I am not about to buy into any scrap with Scott - he does his job, and I do mine - he has indicated in the past that he keeps a close eye on what I write, but has certainly never provided anything that could be construed as even tacit support. 

Is Scott simply a time-server (3 x 3 year terms qualifies him for the full Parliamentary pension), as is usual for such members when they get passed over as regularly as he has? I hope not, but for God's sake come out and make a stand on something, anything - just ignore those silly old pricks on the local Committee, and make a name for yourself.

Simply chatting up little old ladies will get you everywhere, excepting respect as our Member!




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