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Waikato Economic Strategy Governance Group

Remember this? Well it appears that this is now the way in which this fund is to be administered.

But note that we don't appear to get a look in with this strategy because we are no longer part of the 'Forum.' - our Mayor ahving opted out (with Council Support) a couple of years ago.

"A high class team of Waikato business and political leaders has been appointed to oversee the implementation of a ground-breaking economic development strategy prepared under the auspices of the Waikato Mayoral Forum.

The governance group for Waikato Means Business includes Stainless Design chairman John Cook (chair), Federation of Maori Authorities chair Traci Houpapa, Waikato Tainui CEO Parekawhia McLean (deputy chair), and Hamilton and Waikato Tourism director Don Scarlet, who all helped develop the plan. They have been joined on the project’s governance group for the implementation phase by Wintec CEO Mark Flowers, Fonterra director Michael Spaans, Gallagher corporate services executive Margaret Comer and Enterprise Great Lake Taupo board member Tom Findlay.

Hamilton mayor Julie Hardaker and Waikato Regional Council policy and strategy committee chair Bob Simcock are the other members.

The new group was discussed at today’s mayoral forum meeting in Hamilton."

I can't say that I am particularly impressed by the line-up of the "high-class team." It looks as if it will perfrom much of the same function as set out for our Economic Development Committee, with much the same result I suspect.

Here are the intial actions proposed for the Committee:

- Developing the Ruakura Hub inland port

- Completing the Waikato Expressway

- Creating a new Waikato Plan for the region

- Undertaking a study of constraints on growth and future investment opportunities

- Improving the supply of and demand for skilled labour

- Reducing local government red tape for business

- Creating a better Waikato marketing "story" to help facilitate growth

Well that certainly appears underwhelming, but a wonderful way to spend rate-payer resources to which I hope we are not required to contribute, though this is certainly not clear when reading the response  of our Council to the Reional Development Fund idea.

What is laid out above is an example of the totally confusing press releases put out by the WRC. When you read them all together you are left wondering what on earth they are on about. It appears on the surface a bureaucratic nightmare in the guise of development planning.  




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