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Lottery Board Generosity!

From all the euphoria surrounding the Lottery Board grants announced last week from both Leach & Strat Peters, you would be forgiven for thinking that all our Christmases had come at once.

Instead, you can be sure that there a great deal of soul searching going on in the Castle as those responsible begin to understand the effect of only receiving $1m out of a $1.8 application for the Great walk. And $450k out of a $1m application for the Thames sports facilities.

The latter will be interesting because it is to cover the three projects - Skate park, Rhodes Park Grandstand, and the Zoom Zone Dry Court - $7.2m in all. Presumably the promoters imagine that they will have the opportunity to have a 'second bite of the cherry' at a later date when they are further advanced with the respective projects. In the meantime I can imagine the Skate park and Zoom Zone getting the Lion's share.

But the press release quoting Mary Hamilton made no mention of how they intend to make up the shortfall. In fact it was quite deficient on just how their fundraising is going. The list of donors and pledges did not appear at first glance to be any longer that when it was put out earlier in the year after a major effort by Council employed staff. It is extremely difficult to establish the totality of funds raised - the platinum, gold etc descriptions carry no definition, and the promoters are very coy about just successful they have been in reaching their targets.

As for the Great Walk; I imagine that a major re-think must surely be underway. A $800k shortfall in the budget will be extremely difficult to make up, and I cannot imagine just what they intend to do about it, though they have been extremely imaginative to date in arriving at solutions to what on the surface appeared major problems. The sudden advent of strong opposition to the project as it is currently planned from the Hahei R & R must be nevertheless be causing a real headache, particularly their strong opposition to a 'piecemeal' approach

No doubt we will begin to receive soothing assurances from the Castle before too long - watch this space!




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If only Leach would take a Great Walk--right out of the Council building!!

June 25, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterPied Piper

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