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Fluoride Madness Continues In Hamilton!

Just to show how mad this whole stupid argument has become, Hamilton City Council has voted 9-2 to install non-fluoride water points around the town, if it can be done for less that $60,000 when staff have already indicated that it can't be done for less than $200-300k, or $10-15k a point and $3k each per annum to maintain. 

There is no end to the madness when this stupid argument gets stirred up. What it amounts to is that the elected members who were generally opposed to fluoride simply cannot accept the 2:1 referendum result in favour of fluoride, and are threatening re-litigation if they cannot get their own way. Expect this to be the outcome here as well as a majority of non-Thames councillors line up with the likes of Leach, Connors, Brljevich in the never-ending quest to get rid of it. The only dependable opponents are French, Fox, McLean and Goudie (I think - Sandra being such a political animal, and it doesn't effect her personally. The only thing is that she generally recognises cant and hypocrisy when she sees it!) 

I have tried to keep off the subject until we get closer to the referendum later this year, but this sort of nonsense needs to be recorded when it happens. One encouraging action at least has been taken by our Community Board when it refused Ms Jane Beck and her cohort permission to plaster the town with signage opposing fluoride, no doubt using all the hoary old quotes, adages and lies to which we have become so used. That must have taken a supreme effort of statesmanship on Strat's part, considering the manner in which he has vacillated in the past.

I just wish we could get to the line, and over with - this has gone on for long enough. The trouble is that by now everyone must be aware of the total reluctance of the opponents to accept failure. They will move heaven and high water to get their result this year, but failing that they will keep annoying us forever and a day - that is the nature of the beast! 





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