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Business as Usual  (2)

Safely home after an eventful fortnight in Martinborough - wonderful weather followed by some of the coldest experienced in the Wellington area (and everywhere else it seems!). The vines are now spick and span ready for another productive year, and our bodies are have had their annual stretch - a desirable side-effect of the pruning process.

As for Wellington, I can say one thing - the two Gallipoli exhibitions - Te Papa (Taylor), and at the National War Memorial (Jackson) are of the highest quality - both different, but presenting the story (Jackson's covers both  Gallipoli and the Western Front) in an most absorbing and detailed manner that cost me $65 in penalty parking fees - parking around the NWM is handled by a private predatory contractor - be warned!

On even greater importance is the wonderful renovation of the Carillon Building at the NWM - it is simply stunning and has received little publicity - do not miss it. My understanding is that the Jackson exhibition will be in place for four years, and the Taylor for a year. The numbers attending are staggering - even after two months - a hundred metre queue at Te Papa.  

I have not really caught up with local happenings during my absence - it seems to have been very quiet around the Castle, but still waters probably hide vigorous paddling beneath the surface. A number of questions remain (see previous posts) on the three major projects - Coromandel Harbour, Hauraki Rail Trail and WW1 Forestry Memorial, together with the make-up of the Destination Coromandel Board. I will commence accruing information and and regular posting as soon as possible.

In the meantime - a big thank you to those who contributed $25 (and up!) pledges on or about 30 June - much appreciated .




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