Developer Drops Disaster On Council - Again!
Thursday, July 16, 2015 at 4:57PM
Bill Barclay

Read this story from the 'Northern Advocate' to understand about the $5.4m bill that a developer appears to have dropped into the lap of the Whangarei Council - a massive residential/commercial development adjacent to the Hopper marina development at Marsden Point that has entered into liquidation. One commenter suggests "a bulldozer needs to be put through the entire development, and it returned to market gardening."

It seems clear that there were massive engineering failures along the way that have led to this situation, but that issue will likely be sorted out in court. How this effects the sale of the Hopper marina development to North Port in February is yet to be determined. It appears that the value of that sale may have been determined on the basis of the now failed adjacent development that included a shopping centre going ahead.

This raises a number of issues that will likely emerge over the next few months - like who knew what, when?  All very interesting in the light of the recent departure of Mr Hopper from our Economic Development Committee - no conclusions drawn, or implied!




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