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Leach's Breaches (Building!)

Our Mayor continues to embarrass!

No sooner has he (and/or his contractors!) been 'ticked-off' over RMA breaches at Whitianga (see post- yet to resolved), than he has been nailed over breaches at his building site at the old Salutation Hotel in Thames. 

First, an employee was reported on a Health and Safety breach walking along an unprotected parapet - the site was closed down until a scaffold was erected. Now it seems that high pressure cleaning job has become the subject of another breach - paint assumed to be lead based was distributed widely on the street as a result, and a major clean-up ordered. 

Now I am not suggesting for one moment that Leach has been directly responsible for all these breaches, but it is he who creates the climate where his contractors feel that they are somehow 'protected' and able to cut corners that any normal person would avoid like the death to avoid attracting the attention of the authorities. And the building breaches have taken place right in front of building inspectors based in the Castle. How cheeky is that! The forestry (WRC) breaches on the other hand appear to have been instituted with the connivance of Council staff.

Mr Leach may be suffering from the after effects of a painful operation on his foot, but he still has a responsibility to ensure that his contractors and others acting on his behalf operate in an appropriate manner, absent of any questionable, let alone actual breaches of the relevant acts and by-laws.

It is time he cleaned up his act.




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