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MB Sports Park Debacle Just Gives and Gives!

There is no end to the spin on the Sports Park - they have really excelled themselves on this occasion. Here is a quote from the presser from 5 July that outlines the plans for 'club-rooms' (Note - "We have sufficient toilets"!), and the concerns regarding the turf 'die-back' - or whatever it is:

Turf at the Sports Park.

"People may have seen that the turf at the Sports Park has a shade of brown to it. It's not dead, it's just in its natural dormant state, which occurs over winter.

This is no different to other sports fields around the country that are couch grass.

In some other parts of the country, for eg Auckland's Eden Park, the couch grass is over sown lightly with rye grass so for aesthetic reasons it looks green. We don't see this as necessary at this stage at the Sports Park.

During the initial development of the Mercury Bay Sports Park facility it was decided that couch grass would be used because it's a premium and reputable type of turf for sports playing fields.

Meanwhile the Number One field is being used for competition games on Saturdays and Sundays and the secondary school teams including the Girls 1st XV rugby are training on Tuesday and Thursdays after school.

Mercury Bay Rugby and Sports Club have purchased a van to transport the teams to training. Last Sunday also saw the MB Area School Girls 1st XV Rugby team host their first tournament at the Sports Park."

What a load of absolute codswollop. They should be asked to name these "other sports grounds" that allow browning/die-back over winter.

They claim that Eden Park has an "overlay of rye-grass," but they "don't see this as necessary at this stage at the Sports Park."

If they expect to play winter sports on this Park, they had better reconsider pronto, because if I am not mistaken, the grounds will be looking a dammed sight worse this week after last week's cold snap than when the presser was written. Frost will have done wonders for the couch, and certainly delay its recovery. In any case, there still appears bugger-all activity taking place on this gigantic white elephant of a place, though reassuringly, it does have "plenty of toilets."

The remainder of the presser is just simple spin, and points to the utterly unprofessional and diabolical mis-management of this entire project. Note the use of the word "historic" in the first part of the presser that is blatant attempt to move blame for the current situation on to the previous Council despite the fact that all the critical decisions have been made by the current administration. 

It would be very interesting to know just what is the involvement of the Golf Club (with its Mayoral Patron!) in this debacle - the same Club that screwed bridges and roads out of the Council as part of the overall deal, and who have apparently administered the turfing contract over several years. Just what expertise its brings to bear is now moot - remember the contracted services of the NZ Turf Institute from a couple of years back?Do you imagine that the couch was their recommendation?

It is hardly likely that it would have recommended a turf that turns brown (and vulnerable!) during the winter season. Or were they simply employed to recommend the sand-slit drainage system?

All in all - bollocks, and a further reflection of the competence of our Council, and its employees. For a good laugh, or cry, enter MB Sports Park into the Search Engine. 


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