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Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 3:49PM
Bill Barclay

Following on last evening's post, I am attaching here the URL to the actual Paper presented to the Community Board by Project Manager Simon Stephens yesterday.(starting from page 5)

Here is the original funding budget:

Project Thames Skate Park    Thames Dry Court   Rhodes Park Clubrooms           Total

TCDC                   $80,000              $2,655,000                     $1,834,000          $4, 569,000

Community          $35,000                 $265,000                         $155,000             $455,000

Public Grants       $105,000              $1,040,000                         $611,000          $1,756,000

Thames High School       $0                 $440,000                                    $0             $440,000

Total                   $220,000           $4,400,000                     $2,600,000        $7,220,000

The Thames Sport and Education Trust has allocated the Community Pledge funds($511,800) as follows:

Skate Patrk       $75,000

Dry Court        $386,000

Rhodes Park      $50,000

Total              $511,800

Source of Funds based on this Allocation:

TCB                                  $2,655,000

Pledges                                $386,800

Public Grants (Lottery etc.)   $700,000

Thames High School             $440,000

Total                               $4,181,000

Shortfall                              $218,200

Target (Dry Court only!) $4,400,000

There is every expectation of the shortfall being made up from a $150,000 application to the Waikato Trust (pokies), and from additional sponsorship that is already well advanced.

All in all a pretty amazing result which reflects well on the Trust and its Chair - Mary Hamilton.

It seems that through the expedient of the TUGPRA A/c Thames rate-payers have been spared an imposition of rates, but as they say, "it ain't over till the fat lady sings!"! and there is still a great deal of water to go under the bridge before these projects are 'home and hosed.'

I remain deeply concerned about the cavalier manner in which the TUGPRA A/c has been raided, and the effect that this will have on the need to replace the swimming pool in a timely manner - sorry about 'rabbiting on' about this, but with the Rhodes Park facilities yet to be funded, the temptation to undertake a further raid will be front and centre.  I just hope and trust that there have been no 'wink - wink, nod - nods' in that direction. Trust has been in short supply since the Zoom Zone raid.

Never mind - the Dry Court appears to be up and running, and the finalisation of the tender well on the way. This by the way will be in accordance with the Build-only Design-endorsement Model as proposed by Glenn Brebner of Team Architects. This means that the preferred builder will work alongside the architect to agree on costs.

I must say that I am deeply suspicious of any departure from the traditional tendering process for public facilities, but apparently this process is widely used in similar projects elsewhere.

Comments on this by anyone qualified to talk on this matter are welcomed! 




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