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Thames Urban Design Strategy

The presser on the 17th July makes takes liberties with the facts

There is absolutely nothing in the Urban Stategy of which I am aware that relates to the moving of the 'I' Site and Destination Coromandel to the Civic Centre. This is indeed a most desirable move, and I have already commented on same in an earlier post, but the proposal post-dated anything to do with the Urban Design Strategy which remains another of the great development furfies of this Board and Council.

I will express greater concern the moment that  it becomes clear that they intend to proceed with the traffic lights in Queen St. and the other crazy projects that emerged from that particular exercise.

To claim that the 'I' Centre move is part of that Strategy is spin, pure and simple, and part of the 2016 Election propaganda exercise that that appears to have to have started early this time around. This is what happens when you have a considerable number of PR people sitting around with nothing better to do with their time. 

Credit where credit is due - it is a great move, mainly down to Greg Hampton and his team, but lay off the spin, please!




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