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Destination Coromandel

I recently asked Laurna White (Communications Manger) to confirm the appointments that had been made to the Destination Coromandel Trust Board. Here is her reply:

"In response to your questions. At its June meeting, Council appointed Scott Lee as the TCDC Trustee  on Destination Coromandel, replacing Brent Page. Brent retains his role as Chair of the EDC.

Council also delegated authority to the Mayor to reappoint the third Trustee (a joint appointment with HDC), which was John Sandford who was reappointed as a Trustee by both Mayors at a Settlors Meeting in early July.

For their representation, HDC has appointed Tony Coombes to replace Grahame Osborne.

At the settlors meeting in July, John Sandford was appointed as Chair of Destination Coromandel.

In summary, DC Board is John Sandford (Chairman and joint HDC/TCDC rep), Scott Lee (TCDC rep), Tony Coombes (HDC rep). The term is for three years."

This was one of the items dealt with behind the secret veil of 'public excluded' that I referred to at the time. 

What is interesting is the apparent continuation of HDC's involvement - You may recall that this was by no means certain until after the HDC Ten Year Plan had been finalised. It would have been interesting to have been a 'fly on the wall' at the Settlors Meeting on 7 July. I suspect that it is only a matter of time before John Tregidga makes an independent move away from DC. The signs certainly pointed in that direction earlier in the year. 

I have no idea who Scot Lee orTony Coombes are, but will do some digging. Anyone who can assist in this regard is welcome to contribute a comment. 

The reason for the departure of Brent Page is a mystery, but I am aware that he is immensely relieved to get shot of the task. Hopefully there will be s full accounting of the progress of DC to the Economic Development Committee before too long. It seems likely that once again, the conflict situation with regard to the two roles may have been impressed on Glenn Leach, along with that of Leigh Hopper.


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Reader Comments (1)

Scott Lee has valuable skills to offer the region. As a past General Manager of the Lake Taupo RTO, Marketing Manager for RAL and Travel Writer .Scott has an excellent knowledge of the key international and domestic markets relevant to the region as well as strong tourism networks. Scott is respected by the staff and has to my knowledge no potential conflicts of interest. A refreshing change!

August 5, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJim Archibald

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