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Cam Slater Promotes His 'Best Mate' 

You will be aware that I have drawn attention in the past to Whaleoil's fascination with our beloved local member.

Well now he appears to have let the cat out of the bag in regard to the reason for this attraction. Here is a post from today's Whaleoil website: 

"Politics is a nasty, brutal game and there are times where you have to be willing to retaliate first, or Labour will bash you mercilessly.

The National Board does not have anyone that is known in political circles for their rat cunning and ability to enrage opponents, which is ok when things are going in your favour.   

The problem is when things go against you if you don’t have some good dark arts practitioners you get run over.

That’s why John Key needs to replace current Board rep and Mr Nice but Dim Tim McIndoe with Coromandel MP Scott Simpson.

Scott is by far the best practitioner of the dark arts in the National Party, and would help balance things out when it comes to a fight with the Labour Party. Some of Scott’s campaigns have been absolute works of art, and National needs to make more of Scott’s undoubted talent in this regard.

Almost all of my dirty campaign tricks I learned under the tutelage of Scott Simpson in the trenches of election battles in Eden electorate. Vandalising your own signs then rushing off to the local media to complain bitterly about what your opposing team had done to the signs… classy sign graffiti, sledging at public meetings and running counter campaigns were all standard fare in Eden back then." (my underline!)

Now those who thought that Scott was a nice boy from down on the farm have every reason to have another thought about his credentials. Cam tells it as it is - doesn't he?




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Reader Comments (1)

So there is a bit of mongrel [politics wise] in Scott after all - maybe Leachy been reading Scott's SOP on elections!
Now Scott has done away with his 'geeky' glasses and no longer looks like some innocent student, his cover is blown.
You have to luv him don't you-------------------------

July 29, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterRed Alert

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