Upheaval at Coro FM
Tuesday, July 28, 2015 at 9:16AM
Bill Barclay

Coromandel FM was started by Warren Male in 1991, and has been by far the most successful radio station on the Peninsula. It was funded by a number of Thames businessmen at the time.

Anyone who imagined for one moment that all would remain the same after Mediaworks took it over a couple of years ago should think again. Warren has held it together as a local institution until his recent retirement as station manager. 

It has now been revealed that Mediaworks intends to centralise the operation of its regional stations in Parnell and that is going to lead to big changes. It appears that the positions of the three presenters - Rex Simpson, Alan Beagle and Mike Bain (also News Editor) have been "dis-established." There is no word on whether they will be able to apply for positions in Auckland.

It seems likely that the sales people will continue to market the station from a local office, and that the 21 local frequencies will be retained, but there will certainly be a loss of local flavour as whatever programmes they run are wedged into the national requirements of Mediaworks.

It seems certain that this will lead a loss of loyalty over time, and may even provide an opportunity for a bright-spark rival to get established - especially if one was able to cash-in on an AM frequency that would cover the Peninsula from one transmitter. 

I fully suspect that such a move may be in the offing, and it will be interesting to see the Mediaworks reaction. Male is unlikely to care too much in his new role of "Brand Ambassador", whatever that is. He is a smart kooky though, probably more responsible than anyone else for maintaining the National grip on this electorate, and has openly supported the election of National leaning mayors and councillors over the years.

Theere is no indication of his reaction to this news, yet! 



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