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Representation Review

This is the time in the election cycle when councils need to adopt the status quo, or make changes either to the level of representation, boundaries, or Council/Board structure.

There was a considerable amount of pressure applied on this occasion to split the South Eastern Ward (Tairua/Pauanui and Whangamata) into two wards each with two Council representatives, thus increasing Eastern Seaboard representation from four to six. Various other suggestions were made regarding numbers and representation on the Boards, none of which has been adopted in the staff recommendations that are based on population formulae. 

The upshot of the paper to be presented at Wednesday's meeting is for continuation of the status quo in all cases, and it is highly unlikely that even a rearguard action to alter the recommendation is likely. There is a 10% plus or minus rule that would be broken were the requested changes agreed to.

It is certain that the Eastern Seaboard will mount further attempts in the future to swing the balance in their direction away from the current 4:4 representation for either side of the Peninsula, with the Mayor holding the casting vote. Coromandel lies outside of this with -14.27%, but this has been recognised by the Local Government Commission in the past as a legitimate anomaly. 

There is no possible justification for any change, but Thames and Coromandel residents need to remain vigilant against inroads from the East based on the over-bearing sense of entitlement that pervades the area.   




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