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Coca-Cola Funds Obesity Reseach - Yeah Right!

Just in case there is any doubt about the perverse influence of Coca-Cola just take a gander at this article that appeared in today's 'Washington Post' on the manner in which this and other similar 'food' producers have funded non-profits that have been spreading the message in medical journals and through social media that the blame for America's obesity epidemic is not about diet but a lack of exercise. 

“Coca-Cola’s agenda here is very clear: Get these researchers to confuse the science and deflect attention from dietary intake," Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition at New York University, told the Times.

As government funding for scientific research has dwindled over the past few decades, corporate donations have stepped in to make up for the shortfall, resulting in a tangled web of conflicts of interest in nearly every research area with any money-making possibilities. Obesity research has been among the most controversial areas for corporate sponsorships or partnerships because of its impact on hundreds of billions of dollars of food and beverage sales annually.

Coca-Cola isn't the only big sugar company to donate money for nutrition science. Its competitors PepsiCo, Nestle and other brand names are also big players and their assistance has also drawn some criticism."

Coca-Cola's agenda has been clear for a long time. What we need to do is take whatever steps are necessary to counter this subversive activity,and actively oppose them every step of the way - that includes restricting advertising aimed at the young.

This is not Mommy-Statism, it is simply self-interest - these corporate giants simply cannot be allowed to set the agenda in this manner, and continue to cause the deluge of obesity with all its associated health concerns. Otherwise diabetes and renal disease will overwhelm us. 

We don't need those with a vested interest to continuously tell us this constitutes interference in our basic rights - if we have gun control, and we have controls on alcohol advertising - why are restrictions on the advertising of drink and food that are proven to cause obesity and that are aimed at children, so resisted.   

It is time that our regulation-resistant government took responsibility, or will it once again run for cover, and "leave to local government" to regulate as it sees fit - Dr Nick Smith's solution to every problem facing our Government!




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