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Rhodes Park WW1 Forestry Opens

It appears that there was a buzz of excitement at Rhodes Park for the WW1 Memorial Tree Planting ceremony with lots of inspiring speeches to counter the wintry conditions. This whole project appeared at one stage to be 'bogged down,' but with push and shove from the Mayor and Council staff it appears to be taking on a life in fits and starts. There is still a long way to go to get the full quota of trees in the ground, and there may be some weariness before it is finished, but it is indeed a fitting tribute, as Peter French reminded all those present. 

So inspiring that the entire speech given by Mayoral aspirant Peter French has been published in full on the TCDC website. Read it all here to capture the full spirit of the occasion, and note the reminder to everyone to celebrate the "remarkable" Women of Empire Exhibition between 16th and 26th of November. It appears that Thames is only one of three towns to be accorded the honour of having this Exhibition - Waiouru, Thames and Nelson. 

I expect that we will have plenty of opportunity to read Peter's words of wisdom in the future as the Council PR outfit goes to work to boost his stocks. Even if legal and above-board, this could be construed as just a little cynical on the part of our Council. Tacit support for the then incumbents was palpable prior to the last Election, so we should not be surprised. However, PR staff should note that Peter's status has changed now that he has 'declared.' They would be wise to remain mindful of the provisions of the Electoral Act that apply in this situation. 




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Reader Comments (1)

Great to acknowledge those that died during the First World War and each person being marked by the planting of a tree.
Seem to recall a similar plan to plant trees for that area [and the other side of the road] some 10 years ago that was scuppered because it was waihi tapu land. The area is very low lying and one would have thought it was maybe prone to flooding --- but of greater concern was the absence of the Mayor and the Thames Board Chair Peters.

August 14, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterFoot Slogger

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